A little bit about me…

My Qualifications:

I have been a registered nurse for almost 9 years, working primarily in the intensive care unit, but also spending time on a medicine floor and working in an outpatient surgery center. I was Active Duty in the Navy for 4 years, and have been in the Navy Reserves for almost 5 years. I received my Masters of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotion with a concentration in Fitness and Wellness in 2010. I am a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and hold certifications in Sports Nutrition, Group Exercise, TRX training and Running Biomechanics.


What Motivates Me:

I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I have been on way too many diets, some of which I look back on and cringe (the cabbage soup diet? What was I thinking??). It was always about the weight for me, until I began working in the intensive care unit. It was then that I saw what an unhealthy lifestyle can do: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease…I began to see how the last years of peoples’ lives were marred by their poor health. I watched them struggle, and I watched their families suffer right along with them. I knew all of the suggestions to make to help improve or maintain their health, but because of my struggles, I also knew that things are much easier said than done. That was what pushed me to get into the field of health promotions and wellness. I personally want to feel as good as possible for as many years as possible, and I would love to help others do the same. Can I guarantee that I won’t end up ill or injured? Nope. Can I guarantee you won’t? Of course not. But I am all about stacking the deck šŸ™‚


These Are a Few of My Favorite Things:

Nothing makes me happier than being with my family! I am blessed to have been born into the best family imaginable, and since I married my amazing husband, Tim, I have gained even more kind, caring and wonderful family. I love running (although I’ll be the first to admit it took years for me not to hate it), playing with our dogs, hiking, reading and playing/watching sports.



8 Responses to A little bit about me…

  1. Laurie Reppas says:

    Hi Dawn! I’m really liking your blog!!!! This is wonderful! I’ve shared it with my team!!! Very motivating! šŸ™‚

  2. Judy Shaffer says:

    Hey Dawn
    I’m not much of a blog aficionado but you have my attention and my admiration!
    Thanks for letting me know and thanks for putting this together. You are so right about staying healthy and active as long as humanly possible( and that varies from one person to another). But the running thing. …. I’ve always enjoyed that!
    You have a way of motivating people. Keep it up! We need you.

    • Dawn Whiting says:

      Thank you so much Judy! YOU have always been such an inspiration to me, maintaining your healthy lifestyle with your busy schedule…if you have any advice for the rest of us, please feel free to share!

  3. Helen Mary says:

    Love your blog, fitness plays an important role in my life,
    congrats on being a personal fitness trainer, your are

  4. Julie Bishop says:

    Dawn, what an awesome blog and congrats on being a personal trainer. I really enjoyed your motivation tips. Life feels sooo much busier after kids that I have to schedule my workouts like appointments. Keep up the great work and say hi to Tim.

    • Dawn Whiting says:

      Thanks so much for the post Julie! It is great to hear from you. That is actually one of the top tips they recommend for busy people-scheduling your workouts like they are appointments. How many kids do you have now? I can only imagine how easily workouts get bumped down on the priority list with the kiddos around! I hope you are doing well, and Tim says hello šŸ™‚

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