Inspiration is temporary; dedication is forever

I hear a lot of people say they are looking for inspiration or motivation; whether to eat better, exercise more or both. I think “inspiration” as we currently view it is a myth, one which I am probably guilty of both buying in to and contributing to. For those who are regularly looking for inspiration, I would like to pose the question (in all seriousness) what exactly are you looking for? A quote, story, or new workout or diet plan that will get you moving and eating healthy?

I contend that no matter how long you look or where you look, you are not going to find it. Sure a great story can inspire you to set a goal. But that’s the easy part anyway. There is no quote you can read that will pull back the covers and drag you out of bed to run at 5AM, or walk past your car to your bicycle to run errands. The adorable little 8 year old boy who overcame cancer and now does triathlons is amazing, but he is not going to steer your car to the gym after work instead of heading straight home. Only you can do that. I am not motivated, strong or inspired when I get up to exercise before I go to work in the morning. I’m usually just cranky. But I do it anyway. I don’t give myself a choice. So the next time those negative thoughts enter your head…the won’t, can’t and I-don’t-wannas…that just means you have to move faster. I promise you-PROMISE-that the longer you think about something the stronger the negative thoughts will get. The negative thoughts feed off of hesitation. So the next time you think “I can’t stop eating this (insert junk food here)”, stop right then, right at that second. When your alarm goes off and you think “I’ll just work out after work today”, get out of bed. You know and I know you will have come up with a million great reasons to not work out by the time 4:30 rolls around.

My point is, stop looking for other people to do it for you, whatever “it” is in your world. You have to do it, and you can do it. I believe it was the great Swoosh that said…Just do it.

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