Make your own facial cleanser

You are all really going to have to hear me out and trust me a little on this one. I have been using a homemade facial cleanser for over a week now made from nothing but olive oil and castor oil. I swear it. When I first read about it I thought it was a mean joke someone was playing. Then I started reading my “green books” and searching the websites and it turns out not only is it no joke, there were A LOT of people doing this! There are even write-ups by dermatologists on why this works-it is called the Oil Cleansing Method. The article does a really good job of breaking down the process, although I admit it gets a little “out there” for me at times, with visualizing clear skin and meditating while you are washing your face. I am usually thinking about how good my bed is going to feel or what I will eat for breakfast the next morning, and my skin is fine.

Here is the general idea: the castor oil is what actually cleans your skin and removes all the bacteria and nastiness from your pores. The olive oil (or sunflower oil, which it seems a lot of people prefer, but I didn’t have any) works to moisturize and help transport the castor oil into your pores. I found a lot of different suggestions on how much of each oil to use, so I compromised and went with 50/50. I will say that actually dries my skin out a little (I truly am not joking), and I will add more olive oil the next time.

All you do is combine the two oils in an empty bottle (I got a little 3 oz bottle for about $1) and have a washcloth handy. Pour about a quarter size amount of the oil onto your hand and then massage it into your face, spending a little extra time on your “problem areas”.

WARNING-this feels really weird and kind of gross the first time. You get used to it.

After you have massaged it into your skin, soak the washcloth in hot water-you need it to create a steaming effect, so it needs to be good and hot. All of the other websites say don’t burn yourself, but I’m kind of hoping you all can figure that out on your own. Anyways…hold the washcloth over your face and let the steam work it’s magic. A couple of notes. They say to hold the washcloth over your face until it goes cool, wipe your face, and repeat several times. I hold it there until I’m bored (feels like about 2 minutes; I think it’s actually 20 seconds or so) and then I wipe my face and usually do it one more time. The steaming is important though-that is how you remove the oil from your pores, and therefore all the dirt and bacteria with it. If your skin feels dry or tight after, just pour a tiny bit of the mixture on your fingers and massage it in. To prove to you that this actually works I am going to include a picture of myself after having used this as my only source of facial cleanser for over a week. Please keep in mind this picture was taken at about 5:30 in the morning with no make up, so brace yourself…


Look Ma-no blemishes! I still have some of my little bumps, but I haven’t had a pimple since starting this and my dry, red patches that I get every winter are pretty much gone! PLUS, I no longer have to buy ridiculously overpriced cleansers. So I ask you…

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4 Responses to Make your own facial cleanser

  1. Karen Moore says:

    LOVE this! I’ve been wanting to make my own cleanser for ages, and every “recipe” I read sounds wayyy too involved. This is perfect!

  2. Kelsey says:

    Okay I’m gonna try this. I’ve had skin issues lately–probably due to the larger amounts of makeup I’m applying daily to cover up the ahem aging. I’m too cheap to buy the good makeup removers/skin cleansers anymore and I don’t think the soap and water are doing it anymore. I will keep you posted on how it turns out. You are beautiful in your pic btw!

    • Dawn Whiting says:

      Thank you so much friend! I’m so glad you’re going to try it! I told Karen this too because I forgot to post it…some people have said during the first week, it can remove oil plugs leading to oily patches or some breakouts. They all said they go away quickly, and it never happened again. I did not get this, but I have super dry skin. Let me know how it works!

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