Do your employers recycle?

Mine don’t. Not well anyway-we have an aluminum can recycling bin next to the vending machine, which is certainly better than nothing, but there is nowhere to recycle plastic. So I rinse out my plastic and bring it home with me to throw them in our bin. Someone just last week asked me what I was doing so I told them, and they seem to think I’m crazy. I tend to think they are crazy for not doing it. I don’t know about anyone else, but I come home with at least two pieces of recyclable plastic every day. You add that up over the course of a month and I think it makes quite the difference. That got me thinking…what else can we do at work to help the environment? I do a few things well-I bring the plastic home, I keep a set of silverware at the office so I don’t use plastic ware, I refuse to use baggies (I put everything in tupperware) and I try to ride my bike to work at least a couple of times per week. When I look at that list, I am pretty proud of the efforts I make on a daily basis to reduce waste, but there is always more to be done. Is it a little bit of a pain sometimes? Sure. Do I want to use plastic ware so I can just throw it away instead of taking the time to wash it? Every day. But I force myself to think of what minor inconveniences they are compared to the impact I might be making.

What do you all do? I need some more ideas…

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