Born in the USA

When it comes to living green, one thing I freely admit Tim is better at than I am is buying food and products made in the USA. Over the summer I’m great at it when it comes to produce because I’m trying to buy my fruits and veggies through a CSA or from local markets. But I admit I do not look as often as I should when I’m buying clothes or products, or even meat or packaged foods. Tim will only buy dog treats and toys that are made in the US, and when he buys our fruits and vegetables at the grocery store he always checks their “made in” labels also. Turns out he’s smarter than the average bear-and greener too! The website does a great job of explaining why it’s a good idea to take a peek at that tag before you buy:


Greener goods are more humane: Just as its required materials and energy, all “stuff” requires another common resource: the human kind. If you opt for green and ethical goods, you are often supporting local and global craftsmen and communities. Supporting “Fair Trade” products and fair labor practices ensures that goods – from coffee to clothing – were not born in a sweatshop. Buying goods made in the U.S.A. (and preferably purchased nearby where they were made, which cuts down on transportation costs) means production practices are governed by strict labor laws.


I’m going to make a conscious effort to start paying attention when I buy stuff where it is made, and I’ll keep you updated on whether I notice a big difference or not. Does anyone else already try to buy US goods only (or more often than not)? Do you find it difficult at times?

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