Grilled sweet potato rounds

This was a brainstorm I had while making dinner on the grill the other night, and to be honest I think it is completely brilliant! Super easy too. We had some sweet potatoes, so I cut them into about 1/2 inch thick rounds. Then I melted a little butter in the microwave (we actually use Brummel and Brown, but whatever you have) and mixed in some brown sugar. I drizzled that mixture over the sweet potatoes. I stabbed them with a for too, thinking maybe it would help absorb the flavor. Don’t know if it worked, but it’s always fun to stab inanimate objects 🙂 I placed them on the grill, and then flipped them halfway through and drizzled them with the rest of the butter/brown sugar mixture. They were AWESOME! I had the idea a little late, so I had to cook them over the flame so they would be done fast enough. I think they would have been perfect if I had slow cooked them over lower heat though. Tell me what you think!

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