Work week fitness challenge

I am challenging us all to get moving at work this week! Whether you work at home, outside, in an office or on a busy hospital floor, these are all exercises that can be done with no equipment and very little time…just a little effort! Here is my idea…we are going to do an exercise every hour on the hour during the workday. We did this with push-ups on deployment, and you can really knock out some reps this way! I will be attempting it as well. Here are the exercises I will be doing…you don’t have to do the exact same exercises if you don’t want, just as long as you’re doing something!

1. Monday: Push-ups. Every hour on the hour, 10 push-ups. I don’t want to hear about the skirt you’re wearing either…you can do them with your hands on the edge of your desk (or the nurses station desk!) and just do 20 instead of 10 if you do because they are easier that way.

2. Tuesday: Wall sits. Every hour, do a wall sit for one minute. Make sure you keep you weight in your heels!

3. Wednesday: Triceps dips. 10 per hour. Again, these can be done at your desk, on a chair, etc.

4. Thursday: Forward lunges. 10 each leg per hour. Remember when you’re doing your lunges to take a small step keep your weight in your heels. Do not lean out over your thigh so your knee goes out over your toes.

5. Friday: Jumping jacks or planks-whichever is more appropriate for your work environment. I know if I was doing floor nursing, there’s no way I’d be planking on those nasty floors (not voluntarily anyways…I actually have many times reaching for that slippery little Percocet that I dropped) and I know many people in nice work clothes do not want to bounce around doing jumping jacks. If you do planks, one minute per hour. If you do  jumping jacks, 20 per hour. That’s pretty intense when you’re doing it all day, but I know you will not be behaving next weekend, so you have to earn that Friday happy hour 😉


Some tips for success-enlist the participation of your coworkers! One of the hardest parts of these challenges is remembering to do them every hour. Time tends to get away from you. It helps to have people remind you. Also, when 10AM rolls around and you think you’re too busy to do it this hour, pause a second for an honest evaluation. I can tell you I can knock out 10 push-ups in about 15 seconds. That is not going to alter my schedule at all. Keep track of how many repetitions you end up doing. You will be pleasantly surprised by how many you can do this way! Let us know how it goes, and if you think of any other good workplace exercises we should be trying 🙂

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