You’re stronger than you think

I was originally looking for another motivational quote to post, but my mind was wandering while I was surfing the internet. I’m assuming a new role at work, and I’m really nervous about it-and a lot of the quotes were bringing my mind back to those anxieties. Then I did what I usually try to do when I am not sure if I can accomplish something…and it helped ease my mind. So I thought instead of imparting the wisdom of a very smart individual on you, I would just share mine 🙂

Any time I face an obstacle that I do not know if I can overcome-whether it be a challenge at work, the last few miles of a long run, one last set of a strength routine-I remind myself of a time when I was having similar feelings, but I achieved my goal. I overcame my own self doubt. I try to keep a small file of such scenarios so I can choose the most appropriate one to the situation, but I’ll use the achievement I look back on the most frequently as an example for this post: my first sprint triathlon. I was terrified. I had only done two open water swims leading up to the triathlon, and I was convinced I was going to make it halfway through the swim (if that!) and be one of the people the kayaks had to pull out of the water. Or that I would not be able to finish the bike or the run because I was too tired from the other events. Or that I would come in last. But I was mostly convinced that I was going to drown.

Luckily, I did not drown. In fact, I finished faster than my goal time, and even more importantly I had a BLAST! I had trained hard, pushed through all of the workouts I didn’t want to do, and most importantly-I ignored the little voice in my head telling me I couldn’t, and I just did. With the unwavering support of my wonderful husband-finding a great cheerleader never hurts either 🙂

The point of this particular ramble is this: when you think you can’t do something, you are probably wrong. You have likely proved yourself wrong over and over again. Your personal examples don’t have to have anything to do with fitness or nutrition. They can include a new job you took on and rocked, raising a child by yourself, or getting your degree. It can be the first time you went bungee jumping or downhill skiing. Most of us don’t have trouble remembering the things that scared us. What we sometimes have trouble remembering is the strength we showed to overcome the fear, overcome the obstacles-and just do it.

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