The avoidance of hypocrisy as motivation

As some of you may or may not know, I have been trying to lose a few pounds lately that I had put on thanks to my excitement from being back in the States, and my appreciation for our unlimited access to food and drinks (especially of the adult beverage variety!). It’s not a lot of weight, but it’s important to me, and I’m having some trouble shedding those pounds. There have been MANY times where I have not had the motivation to put the effort into it…I want my cheese and crackers for dinner, my glass of wine after work, to not get up at 5 AM to get the workout in before work. It is not hard to convince yourself at decision time that it is not that big of a deal. It’s just one time. One of the main things that has been motivating me to keep the big picture in mind, however is people like you. And the Sailors and Marines who may or may not be impacted by the work I am doing at the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center. Not to mention the clients I worked with as a personal trainer, and the patients I worked with as a nurse. Because if there is one thing I do not want to be, it is a hypocrite. How can I encourage people to live a healthy, wellthy lifestyle if I’m not willing to do it myself? How can I convince people that the sacrifices you may make are more than worth the results you see and the way you feel in the end, if I am not willing to make those sacrifices? Which got me to thinking…how often do we not practice what we preach? In my case, the hypocrisy would be fairly obvious. But what about you? Are your words and actions consistent? Do you nag people to quit smoking, but continue to eat a high fat, low veggie diet? Do you lecture people about the dangers of pounding 5 energy drinks throughout the course of the day as you choose the elevator over the stairs?

None of us are perfect, and I’m certainly not suggesting that we all do (or even should) make the right decisions all of the time. What I would encourage you to do is try to lead the lifestyle you think everyone else should-you’re probably exactly right! 🙂 I’m trying very hard not to be a hypocrite-are you?

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