Love this quote

“Don’t give up what you want most, for what you want now.” I got this quote from this website, which has some other really good quotes too. But I picked that one because how often in fitness and healthy living do we come across this dilemma? We want to get in shape, and know we should ride our bike, or go for a walk, or go to the gym. But dang, we also really want to just to go home and watch TV and relax for a while. Or hit the snooze button and get that extra hour of sleep.

How about when they have cookies in the break room at work? We want to lose weight…but we also really want that cookie. Sometimes you just have to look long term. That cookie sure will taste good if you give in and have one. What I challenge you to stop and think about first though is if you will remember that cookie a month from now. Probably not. I’m not saying never treat yourself, or never give yourself a day off. What I am saying is think about the effect your choice of instant gratification will have on your long term goals, and then decide if it’s truly worth it.

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