Have you found your motivation yet?

On Mondays we’ve been looking at different ways to get ourselves motivated-have you found yours yet? If not…it’s okay. It is not always obvious. Sometimes our motivation comes from the place we’d least expect it to, or as a result of one of life’s crazy curveballs. If you have never visited the website of the International Paralympic Committee, I highly recommend it. Yes, we have all seen the pictures meant to inspire, and for me at least they often do. Watching people with physical disabilities of any kind overcoming all of the obstacles and hurdles thrown at them along the way sure makes it harder to brush off your morning run. But did you ever stop to wonder what motivates them? In the case of those who were injured or developed a disability later in life, they are the same people they were before their injury. Did they always have that kind of drive? Probably not most of them. Take a good look at some of those pictures. Look at the determination. Think of the physical pain that has likely accompanied so many of their accomplishments. Think of how many excuses are at their disposal every day. Imagine how many people have told them they can’t do it, or showed them pity when they deserved respect. Yet they persevered until they could not only do what you and I were capable of, they surpassed us and became some of the world’s best athletes. They DEFINITELY found their motivation. Whether their injury/disability helped them discover a motivation they didn’t know they had, or whether it created new ones I don’t know. It is likely different for all of them. The point is, they experienced a life altering event, or were dealt a rough hand, and that’s when they found their motivation. I am certainly not saying that if you haven’t found your motivation yet you need to experience something like that to find it. What I am saying is that just because you haven’t found it yet doesn’t mean you won’t. It might take a person or experience to help you discover a motivation you have always had, but did not recognize. Or maybe a new one will pop up along the way. Whatever you do, don’t give up-it’s out there!


PS-after exploring that website, and watching what those athletes have accomplished, I would like to propose that we eliminate the word “limitations” from our vocabulary. For instance…”The Paralympics are for individuals with physical limitations.” Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not seeing any limitations to their physical ability. Do you really have limitations that can’t be overcome with a little dedication and hard work? Just sayin’.

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