Spring cleaning the green way!

This post has three components to it, so I hope you’re ready! šŸ™‚ First thing’s first…everyday going green tips. I found this link, and I am ecstatic…I have been wanting to get away from some of the more traditional cleaning products for a while now, but some of the “recipes” I’ve seen have seemed so complicated…or contained really expensive oils. Here is a link to a slideshow of spring cleaning recipes-most of them not containing anything more than baking soda and water. Sorry-you are now officially out of excuses to start your spring cleaning!


Next up-my monthly going green challenge to myself! To update you all on my progress regarding my previous challenges-I am doing MUCH better about remembering my reusable grocery bags (finally!). And…drumroll please…I only used 6 paper towels all month!! Three of them were to microwave potatoes, and I actually feel okay about those because it prevented me from running the oven for an hour or so. Now for this month’s challenge. The warm weather has my green thumb itching, and it’s time to plant some herbs! No more buying my basil, cilantro, and other herbs in plastic packaging, not knowing where they were grown. Once it gets a little warmer, I’ll add some tomato plants. Maybe they’ll even grow this year! Anything is possible šŸ˜‰ Anyone else planning a summer garden?


The final topic to discuss…Fitness Fridays. I have temporarily suspended my posting of the videos, only because I have not had anyone tell me they are actually doing the workouts, and they can be tricky to post. If anyone tells me they are doing the exercises, I will happily resume the videos this Friday. Otherwise, we can stick to discussing individual exercises, different ways to fit exercise into your day, etc. Let me know what you want! You don’t have to post a reply to the blog-you can email me, Facebook me, heck you can even go old school and call me!

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