How strong are you?

If you look up strength on it gives you five different definitions, and they vary so greatly. Some deal with physical strength, others mental toughness or moral fortitude, one relates to power. So when you say to yourself, I want to get stronger…what do you really mean? Are you just looking to bulk up your muscles? Or are you trying to prove a point-to yourself, your friends, your significant other-that you can do this? That you can push through the mental barriers, the day-to-day obstacles? That you can make that commitment to yourself? I’m not sure you can always separate the definitions. As you develop a workout routine, or just a healthier daily living routine, you are inevitably going to make your body stronger. Each time you take the stairs instead of the elevator, your legs will get stronger. Each time you plank during the commercial break, your core will get stronger. And each time you make one of those decisions, your will gets stronger. Your confidence grows just as much as your muscles do with each success. Because you know you did it. So I leave you with a quote:


Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. -Mahatma Gandhi

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