Going green while getting clean

I have some more helpful tips to share from The Green Book by Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas Kostigen-these are all related to personal hygiene. It is amazing the things you don’t think of. Let me know if you guys try any of these!

1. Try using a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner instead of buying them separately. You save money by not buying them separately, it saves packaging, and you’ll likely save time, water and money because your showers will be shorter. According to the authors, if one in seven households switched to a 2-in-1, the amount of plastic saved could fill a football field 27 stories high. Crazy!

2. Cotton balls-who knew these little suckers could be a problem? Apparently not all of them are made from 100% cotton-some have polyester. Tricksters. Polyester uses 67% more energy to produce than cotton. Organic cotton balls are good too because they are not bleached with chlorine-better for you and for the environment!

3. Try bar soap instead of body wash. It saves both money and packaging waste. If every household switched one bottle of body wash out for a bar of soap, about 2.5 million pounds of plastic containers could be kept out of the waste stream. My own side note: I hate bar soap. However…after this bottle of body wash is gone, I am going to give it a try. But only after I buy a soap saver bag. I have seen them in stores before, or you can find them online like these from etsy. It is best if you can find one made from something other than synthetic nylon, as it is made from petroleum which cannot be recycled.

4. Finally, a gym note. If you bring your own workout towels, you will not only reduce your exposure to all of the harsh chemicals used to wash them, but also save water and energy. If just 1% of gym members in the US brought their own workout towels, 4000 fewer loads of laundry would be washed per day. That’s more than 36 million gallons of water per year. I’m convinced!


On another note, Tim and I have been riding our bikes much more lately, and it has been great! I haven’t filled my gas tank in forever, I’ve been getting fresh air and exercise, and it’s great for the environment. I ran errands the other day, rode to church this morning…love it. If anyone has a bike sitting around, give it a try for a day or two. As an added bonus, riding is so much fun and makes you feel like a kid again!

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