Two in one!

I missed the going green tip yesterday, so I’m going to add it to today’s motivational Monday post. Here’s our green tip of the week-this one comes from Yahoo!:

-Go vegetarian one day a week. If every American went meatless one day per week, it would save as much carbon dioxide as taking 500,000 cars off of the road. I will be the first to admit I don’t really get how this works, but I have seen this tip in every going green book/website I have ever visited. If anyone has a better grasp of how this works, please feel free to let me know! But I do try to go vegetarian at least once a week, and I have never felt deprived.

Next up-motivation!! Here is an article I found that lists three basic ideas to keep you motivated-they all revolve around writing down your starting point, and tracking your results. I know many of us tend to focus on our weight, but you don’t have to rely on the scale-it can be very fickle! If you are trying to lose weight, measure your hips and waist, and track those numbers. They can be very helpful when the scale is not showing your progress. Check your blood pressure, or resting heart rate-watch them improve as your fitness level does! Track how many push-ups you can do, or how fast you complete your after-dinner walk. It truly doesn’t matter what you are tracking, just that you are doing it. It’s important to validate to yourself that you truly are making progress, and all of your hard work is paying off!

With all of that being said, what drew me to this article was actually the last paragraph, where it discusses the benefits of tracking your numbers even when you are not seeing progress. It seems kind of crazy to look at that as motivating, but knowing what doesn’t work can be just as important as knowing what does. As the author points out, do you really want to waste your time on an ineffective strategy? Maybe you need to change up the game plan. Either way, whether your numbers are heading in the direction you want them to or not…knowledge is power! 🙂

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