Weekly workout 3/2/2012

It’s workout time! This week, I broke it up again so it can be done in short bursts if that worked better for you. I did it straight through, and it got me sweating! Click here for the video so you can see demonstrations of the exercises. I changed it a little this week to keep in interesting. This time, each of the sets has an upper body, lower body, core and cardio exercise. Again, do each of the four exercises in the set twice, and it should take you about 10 minutes each set. Here is a list of the exercises:

Set One

Back lunge with pulse, 15 reps each leg

Push-up to abduction, 8 each side

V-ups with stability ball, 12 reps

Ice skaters x1 minute

Set Two

Duck walk x1 minute

Single leg shoulder scaptions x12 reps

Side plank with reach-under, 12 each side

High knees x1 minute

Set Three

Runners squats, 6-12 each leg (focus on form!)

Triceps extensions from push-up position, 12 each arm

Plank walk-out, 6 reps

Floor touch to jump x45 seconds

Please please please let me know if you have any questions about anything! I am also always happy to give modifications to make the exercises easier or harder, as well as to change them up if you don’t have the equipment. Happy sweating!

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