Weekly workout 2/24/12

My friend Amanda had a GREAT idea for a weekly workout-she was wondering if it would be possible to break the workout down into three 10 minute sections for people who have a hard time blocking out the full 30 minutes. Brilliant! The way I decided to break it down is into 10 minutes of legs, 10 minutes of arms, and ten minutes of core. There is cardio worked into all three, so make sure to take breaks when necessary, but don’t let that heart rate come all the way back down! They do not have to be done in any particular order, and if you prefer to do the workout all at once, you can obviously combine everything and make a full 30 minute workout. I did the same thing as last week and posted to YouTube-it was a little long, so I had to upload it as two parts: Click here for part one, and here for part two! Here is a quick written description also…

Legs (do these 5 exercises twice for a ten minute workout):

-One legged floor bridges with pulse. Lay on your back with your knees bent. Extend your left leg up towards the ceiling and keep your right foot on the floor. Lift your hips by pushing through the right heel, and extend your left heel towards the ceiling. When you lower your hips, don’t let your butt touch the floor in between reps. Do 15 on each leg.

-Froggy jumps x45 seconds. Just do squat jumps, but click your heels together when you are up in the air. If you can’t do 45 full seconds of those, just do squat jumps, or keep it at plain squats.

-Lunges. Start with your right leg. Do a forward lunge, a side lunge, and then a back lunge. That is one rep. Do 5 reps on each side. Remember to not step too far forward or backwards, and drop straight down over your heel.

-Cross country skiiers. No snow needed! Put your left foot forward and your right arm forward. Hop and switch so your right foot is forward and left arm is forward. Keep switching, in a nice continuous motion, for 45 seconds.

-Wall sits with leg lifts. Sit against the wall, not sitting lower than 90 degrees. Try to raise one leg out straight in front of you and hold it for three seconds. Then switch legs. Try for 5 of these on each leg-they are tough, so do as many as you can, and if you need a break hold a wall sit for 30 seconds!

Upper body (do each of these exercises twice for a ten minute workout):

-Push-ups. Give split push-ups a try. Put your right hand out in front of you, and your left hand slightly behind your shoulder. Do eight push-ups with your hands in this position, and then switch them and do eight more. Too much for right now? Just do 16 regular push-ups!

-BURPEES! 10-with or without push-ups, your call 🙂

-Wall arms. Stand with your back to the wall. Put your arms over your head with your palms forward and your wrists, elbows and shoulders touching the wall. Making sure everything stays in contact with the wall, lower your arms as far as you can, and then raise them back up again. That is one-try for 15. It seems easy at first, but if you keep everything touching the wall, it can get tough!

-Keeping it simple-jumping jacks x45 seconds!

-Triceps dips-we’ve done these a few times now-remember to keep everything controlled and lower and raise your body nice and slow!

Core (do each of these exercises twice for a ten minute workout):

-Straight let sit-ups with leg raises. Lay on the floor with your arms straight in front of you-like a zombie lying on your back. Sit up and reach for the ceiling, and then slowly lower yourself back down. Then keeping your legs straight, raise up your legs until your shins touch your hands. That is one-try for 10!

-Mountain climbers! You know you love them-30 seconds!

-Side planks. Keep your elbows under your shoulder and plank on each side for 30 seconds.

-Russian twists. Sit with your knees bent and your heels on the floor, toes up. Clasp your hands in front of you. Twist and touch your knuckles to the floor on the right side, and then left side of you. That is one. Our goal is 30! Want more of a challenge? Lift those heels up off the floor so only your butt is touching.

-Bird dogs. Get on your hands and knees. Raise your left leg straight out behind you, and at the same time extend your right arm straight out in front of you. Hold for 3 seconds, and then switch to right leg and left arm. Do 6 on each side.

Let me know what you think!

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3 Responses to Weekly workout 2/24/12

  1. Dawn Whiting says:

    Ahh! It cut off the bird dogs in teh video-if anyone has trouble with them, let me know!

  2. Kels says:

    I love the broken up workouts! My office-mates and I are going to start doing 15-20 min workouts over lunch and these would be perfect. Keep ’em comin’!

    • Dawn Whiting says:

      That’s perfect, I’m so excited! I will try to make the next video short and sweet like the first one…not sure why I was so chatty on the last one 🙂 Are you guys using a hospital gym with equipment you would like incorporated, or do you like the body weight stuff?

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