Welcome to Thinking Cap Thursdays!

Okay…I’m about to put it all out there for everyone. I am a nerd. To make sure everyone understands the depths of my nerd-ness, I will now reveal the weekly schedule for postings I have come up with:

Motivational Mondays-Some inspirational quotes, stories, pictures, etc to get the week started right!

What’s for Dinner Wednesdays-healthy, and in all likelihood easy (I’m not a huge fan of complicated!) recipes.

Thinking Cap Thursdays-I will share research/current health topic articles for us to discuss.

Fitness Fridays-weekly workout time!

Sundays in the Park-Sundays will be dedicated to easy, simple steps we can all take towards living a greener lifestyle. The name is lame I realize-not to mention it doesn’t make much sense-but I ran out of ideas. Feel free to help!

This does not in any way imply that any and all posts/comments/suggestions/recipes/etc are not welcome any time! This is just to help keep me accountable, and also to help people know when to check in if there is a particular topic they are interested in.

For our first Thinking Thursday (these posts will all be under the Get Your Geek On category by the way-the corny titles just keep on coming!) I am posting a link to an article regarding one of the topics that makes me cringe more than any other-the infamous Belly Fat!! Everyone wants to know-what exercises can I do to get rid of my belly fat? The answer-no such exercise. Trust me, I would be doing it if there were! But a new research study shows there might be a type of food we can eat to help. Miracle cure? Absolutely not. We’re talking a few pounds over a few years. However, it might help us learn more about how the body stores fat, and how the foods we eat can impact it. Take a look for yourself here and let me know what you take away from it (if anything). Regardless, I personally am never opposed to eating more soluble fiber and exercising more! 😉 Happy nerding!

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