Delegating this week’s workout…

Okay, so since I’m home in NY this week, internet access has been a little spotty-not to mention I have been slacking on coming up with a weekly workout. Sorry about that! Because of my limited resources, I’m going to pawn the work off on you all…what workouts have you been doing lately?? I am joining Tim in his Burpee challenge he is participating in through his CrossFit gym-I forget how many days it is (I think 115), but you do progressively more burpees each day. So day one, you did one, day two you do two, etc. Today is day 10, so I will be doing 10 burpees today. If anyone wants to join us you are welcome to! You can play catch up if you miss a day too…I missed day 8, so yesterday I did 17 (the 8 I missed, plus yesterday’s 9). I have also been doing some push-ups and tricps dips while I’ve been watching TV at night, and I did a short run this morning (my first in 6 weeks without pain-yay!).

Let us in on your secrets! What are your favorite workouts? They can be for the gym, outside, at home…whatever you’ve got! Thanks for letting me be lazy this week, and this weekend I will make up for it, I promise!

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