The (wo)man with the plan

I had a great workout at the gym today, and I think one of the reasons it was so good is because I went with a plan. I have found that I have a bad habit of going to the gym or starting a workout without a set plan, and thinking I’ll figure out what I want to do when I get there. It seems like when I take that approach, I end up with an unfocused workout, and generally fall back on my “standard” exercises that do not necessarily challenge me. I knew I needed to work on my hamstrings and glutes, and that I wanted to get my heart rate up. I also wanted to make sure I got some core work in, but tend to get bored if I do too many straight core exercises. Here is what I came up with:

10 minute warm-up (I did treadmill)

12 box jumps (hopping up on to an elevated surface with both feet together)

10 burpees with push-up *See below for description if you are unfamiliar with burpees

20 triceps dips

10 burpees with PU

12 (each leg) single-leg deadlifts with 15 lb kettle bell **See below for description

10 burpees with PU

12 (each side) sit-ups-arms straight over head, raise left leg and touch it with right hand, keep alternating.

10 burpees with PU

12 med ball slams

I repeated this 3 times (although I confess to only doing 5 burpees in between each exercise the last set!) and then did 20 minutes of cardio.

Has anyone else had a really satisfying workout lately? I think all of us are always looking for ideas, so please share if you have!

*Burpees-a FABULOUS total body exercise! Here is a picture of the different steps to a burpee:

Start by standing upright, and then squat down as shown in figure A. Hop and kick your feet out so you are in a push-up position, like figure B. I chose to add a push-up while I was in this position, but they can be done without it. Hop and bring your feet back in like figure C. Then jump straight up like figure D. Please let me know if this is unclear at all, or you can always YouTube it-they are an exercise that many people love to hate!

**Single-leg deadlift-great for both balance and the hamstrings/glutes!

You can hold the kettle bell (or dumbbell, or no weight at all if this is new to you!) in one hand or both. Keep your left leg as straight as you can without locking your knee-so there should be just the slightest bend in the knee. Lean forward and bring your right leg up behind you. It is very important to keep you back straight-chest out, shoulders back. This can also be done standing on two legs, which is a little easier-PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT THE SINGLE LEG VERSION UNLESS YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH THE DOUBLE LEG VERSION! Here is a picture of completing the exercise on two legs:

Notice that the back is still nice and flat, and she’s not rounding her shoulders forward. Think of it as lowering the kettle bell to the floor-you are not reaching for the floor.

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3 Responses to The (wo)man with the plan

  1. Dawn Whiting says:

    I apologize, I should have clarified in the original post…although I have classified this as a weekly workout, this is not the “official” workout for next week. This was just a great workout that I had, and wanted to share. Please realize that this is NOT a workout for beginners. If you have a good baseline level of fitness, many of the exercises can be modified to be made a little more or less challenging, but if you are new to working out, save this one for a later date!

  2. Holly says:

    What is the PU in burpee with PU?

    • Dawn Whiting says:

      It’s the push-up! And in response to your other comment, no it was not a present for you. It was mine all mine 🙂 I will be happy to buy you a present of reusable bags if you don’t have any though!

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