Workout for the week of 22Jan12

Our first weekly workout! I’m going to keep it short and simple this week, because to be completely honest, I still don’t quite get this whole blog thing. But I’ll figure it out 🙂

First…ALWAYS…warm-up. It can be a walk, jumping jacks, jump rope…anything to slowly start to bring up your heart rate…for 5 minutes.

-1 min: Push-ups

  • Beginner: normal push-up position, toes on floor, hands on elevated surface. Think couch, chair, counter top…I prefer the          elevated surface to push-ups on the knees because it engages your core more!
  • Intermediate: Normal push-up position. Try changing up the position of your hands to work different muscles-hands in close together to work more triceps, out wide to work more chest.
  • Advanced: Feet up on elevated surface. Again, couch, chair, etc…
-1 minute wall sit
  • Sit against the wall with legs at 90 degree angle. Make sure your heels stay pushing into the ground…don’t come up on your toes.
-1 minute shoulder raises
  • Hold weights in each hand and raise arms up to shoulder height, keeping elbows straight and palms facing the floor. If you do not have dumbbells, try to find anything around the house…cans of food, tools, etc that you can use. If you do not have two things the same size, no problem! Just do one arm at a time. Be careful not to arch your back while completing the exercise. Bonus challenge: complete the exercise standing on one foot (stand on the opposite foot for the second set).
-1 minute mountain climbers
  • Always a crowd favorite! Awesome total body exercise, and really drives up the heart rate. Start in the push-up position. Bring your right knee into your chest. Jump and alternate feet, kicking your right leg out straight and bringing your left knee in to your chest. Do this as quickly as possible for the 60 seconds. Need a visual? Try this link:  If you cannot complete the full minute, remove the jump and just “step it out”. Basically, slow it down.
*Repeat the above four exercises before moving on to the next four
-1 minute triceps dips
  • For anyone not sure how to complete a dip:     These will be very difficult to do for a full minute. Try to modify them by bending your knees and planting your feet to take some of the weight off of your arms. Take breaks if you need to!
-1 minute plie squats
  • Stand with your feet wider than shoulder width apart. Turn your toes so they are pointing out about 45 degrees. Lower your body down towards the floor, bending at the knees. You should feel these in your inner thighs. DO NOT COME UP ON YOUR TOES! Keep the weight in your heels. Also, your knees should always be in line with your toes. If you notice your knees collapsing inwards, try to correct it. If you cannot, turn your toes in slightly so they are at less than 45 degrees. If these feel too easy, add some weight. Kettle bells are a great option if the are available, but dumbbells or any household item will do. Sack of potatoes maybe?? Hold the weight with both hands up at chest level.
-1 minute plank
  • The ultimate core exercise! The plank is done in the same position as a push-up, except you are on your elbows instead of your hands. Do not let you butt sag, or stick it way up in the air. You want your body nice and straight. Don’t forget to breath!!
-1 minute butt kicks
  • Act like you’re running in place, but try to touch your heels to your butt every time.
*Repeat the above 4 exercises before moving on to the cooldown
-3-5 minute cool down. You can walk, bike, stretch, do yoga, pilates…anything that will bring your heart rate down to it’s normal level
Congratulations! You finished 🙂 Please let me know what could make this better…more in depth explanations of the exercise or what muscle group you are targeting, more ideas for modifications for advanced and beginner exercises…I would love feedback!!
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2 Responses to Workout for the week of 22Jan12

  1. Holly says:

    How often should we be doing this? Everyday or every other day??

    • Dawn Whiting says:

      Great question Hol-I definitely forgot to mention that! Sometime in the very near future, I’m going to put a section of tips on the page, which will include how often to do strength and cardio training. But for now let’s keep it simple-twice a week is great to start, three times a week is even better for strength. If possible, try not to do this workout two days in a row, because you want to give the muscles some time to recover in between workouts. More details soon to follow!

      Did you try the workout? Did you like it, and were the descriptions enough to carry out the exercise?

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